Probate (Estate Administration)

Probate (Estate Administration)

Losing someone close to us is a distressing time. The complexities and process of administering their estate can be daunting. Ducat Law understands this and is here to help and assist in any way necessary.

A loved one can pass away with a will, or without a will (intestacy). In either situation it is necessary for the Executor (person who is to deal with the estate) to apply for official powers to deal with the estate; the Grant of probate or Letters of administration. If the Estate is simple and you only need help in applying for the Grant/Letters, Ducat Law offers a fixed fee Probate application process.

Ducat Law is here to assist and make the process as accessible as possible. If you would prefer us to help with valuing the assets in an Estate, applying for the Grant/Letters and the subsequent distribution of the assets of the Estate to the beneficiaries, we are able to offer a full Estate Administration service. Ducat Law offers a fixed fee service or if you would like to pay as you go, an hourly rate.

Depending on the value of the Estate, Inheritance Tax may be applicable and we are able to advise and assist in the payment of the Tax from the Estate, as well as completing the relevant HMRC forms.

We offer an initial free appointment to discuss what needs to happen when someone passes away.

During the meeting we can provide preliminary advice and guidance on whether any Inheritance Tax is likely to be payable from the Estate.

If you wish to book in for an appointment please call our office on 01689 885030 or email